Tamika Ellsworth | Realtor

As seen on season 6 of the TV show, 'The American Dream', Tamika’s passion for real estate echoes her love for a great success story! Tamika's award-winning, 16-year career in real estate started when she became a union 405 Carpenter in San Jose, CA. From building churches, orphanages, and homes for the homeless in Tijuana, Mexico, to volunteering with the peninsula Habitat for Humanity, she quickly understood that homeownership is an essential tool for generational wealth building.

In addition to building homes, she also taught women's builds workshops for Habitat for Humanity, which focused on educating women about different projects that are inexpensive and easy to do. Tamika is a founding Realtor of EQ1 Real Estate, a boutique brokerage in Silicon Valley who are changing the face of real estate. EQ1 ranked #1775 in Inc 5000's 2017 fastest-growing private companies in the US and #3212 in Inc 5000's 2018 list, as well as #9 on Silicon Valley Business Journal's 2018 Top Residential Real Estate firms list, all achievements that Tamika is proud to have been a part of. She's respectfully held the title of Grandmaster for 5 years straight through Bay East, ranking her within the top 10% of Realtors in the bay area.

Having come from a military family, Tamika became a Military Residential Specialist (MilRES) to serve our military families and assist Veterans with all aspects of their home buying needs. In addition to serving military families and veterans, Tamika recently became co-founder/partner of a black, professional woman’s investment group, ‘Her Legacy’, which seeks to promote wealth and education through real estate, while revitalizing marginalized communities.


What Tamika’s clients are saying 
about their experiences

Magaly G.
San Francisco, CA

If you need to buy a home or a condo anywhere in the Bay Area, please contact Tamika Ellsworth. Tamika was so wonderful and helped me buy my first home in one of the most expensive cities in the world - San Francisco.

I heard of Tamika's Real State business through a podcast, where I found out that she had helped people I know in my community. Since the initial stages of searching for a home, Tamika was very professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest, and diligent. She listened to what I needed and guided me to what could be possible within my budget.

Also, she provided an overview of homebuying, including different types of contingencies and home loans. She also provided insights into the extra expenses I might incur once I decide on a home. This is something I truly appreciated because she also educated me in the process. ​

The process of buying a home is not easy, and even though I was doing this by myself, I did not feel alone in the process. You want to have a good team on your side, you want Tamika on your side! I thought buying a home in San Francisco was impossible for me, but she and her team helped me along the way. She answered all the questions and connected me with the right people for the mortgage and the next steps on homebuying. ​ When it was time to give me the keys, she also celebrated that moment with me! Thank you Tamika for helping me find the perfect home!

Teri B.
Fayetteville, GA

Buying your first home, especially in San Francisco, can be thrilling and nerve-wracking. Working with Tamika was such a great experience and I am so glad that she was by our side as we made such a big step. From day one, Tamika was knowledgeable about the neighborhood, the developer, and the surrounding areas. She was prompt in her communication and went above and beyond in making sure we were confident at every turn. She was bold in negotiating the best price for us. She encouraged us and celebrated with us. We entered into closing confident that we had chosen the right home for our family. We can't say "Thank you" enough! Simply put, if you are a first time home buyer (or second, or 5th or 100th), you want Tamika in your corner.

Yasmine N.
San Jose, CA

Tamika is AMAZING! ​ She helped list and sell our old home in order to purchase our new home. ​ She knew that we needed to net a certain amount for us to move forward. ​ With that, she advised that if we did not net the amount needed for our down payment, then we could wait until the market was better. ​ She never once pressured us to sell our home and we really appreciated her honesty and professionalism.

Tamika helped us every step of the way--from de cluttering our home to the professional staging, the open house, and dealing with the HOA. ​ We only did one weekend of open house and received multiple offers within a few days. ​ Tamika became our best friend during this time period and we really enjoyed working with her.

Chris P.
Modesto, CA

Tamika is phenomenal. ​ She worked tirelessly to get us a house we loved. ​ I highly recommend her services to anyone searching for a home. ​ Her responsiveness is great and she keeps you updated on what needs to happen next in the long "home buying" process.

Melody F.
Fremont, CA

We can not recommend Tamika enough! My husband and I came to Tamika with very set specifics in what we would like for our first home and not with the most time to do so. We had been praying to own a 3 bed/2 bath home in Oakland in August so we could be settled before we got married in September. We had looked at homes earlier in the day and met with Tamika for the first time later in the afternoon. I will never forget how I had just come back from the restroom and she was already on the phone with the selling realtor. That evening she really walked us through the details of home buying and educated us on contingencies, time frames, and the market. All the while, encouraging us in our faith that this is possible! This woman is doer! From attending her "faith in home buying" course to having our offer accepted was 2 weeks!! In addition, we had keys in hand less than 4 weeks after that, even through an FHA loan! She advocated for us constantly, assuring that each repair was made and each certificate provided. We appreciated her eye for detail and timely fashion. She is confident and warm.

Thank you Tamika for being a part of our testimony as this 25 and 26 year old engaged couple had their prayers answers by becoming home owners in the Bay Area. God is so good and so faithful and we appreciate you role in our story.

Elizabeth S.
San Jose, CA

We started to work with Tamika back in 2015. But life happened and we were no longer able to look to purchase a home at that time. Tamika was beyond understanding. She was human about it. We told her we would reach out to her when we were ready and she respected that. She didn't call or push us to start looking with her. We did run into her a few times (San Jose is a big little city) and she just said she was there for us when we were ready. And we appreciated that.

Fast forward, 4 years later and another child later, we were ready to look for a place to call home. ​ We told Tamika what we wanted. She was honest with us and told us what the market was like. We decided to keep our hopes up and see what happens. From open houses to making offers to vetting homes to the 101 questions I had as a first time buyer, Tamika was there. Responding. Active. Reaching out to people for answers to my crazy questions. ​ And she was on top of everything.

We found the home we loved and Tamika was on it. She told us exactly what she needed from us and next thing we knew, we were buying our home. Things went by so fast and again, Tamika was on top of it all. She made sure we understood everything we were signing and ensured we felt completely comfortable with everything that was going on.

She is truly amazing. She knows this world like the back of her hand. She's respectful and honest and proud and friendly. I'd definitely recommend her (I already have to a few folks) any day / any time. She's the best of the best!